B.B.N.P. is ending its cooperation with Anheuser-Busch InBev concern | 03.07.2012

As of 6th July 2012, B.B.N.P. brewery is ending its business cooperation with the brewing concern Anheuser-Busch Inbev (hereinafter referred to as ABI).

Pursuant to a contract of exclusive dealership within the US territory, ABI has been providing the import, distribution and marketing of Czechvar Premium Czech Lager. The contract entered into in 2007 corresponded with the ABI’s strategy at that time as the company had wanted to take advantage of the dynamically increasing demand for imported beer in the USA. Aiming to become the biggest importer of premium and super-premium brands to the USA, ABI actually established a specialised sales division.

In 2006, ABI was looking for top-quality Czech super-premium lager for its portfolio and the Czechvar brand suited their vision best. B.B.N.P. brewery accepted ABI’s proposal for commercial cooperation, since this contract provided the brewery with a historical chance to use the largest distribution network within the US territory and substantially increase business cooperation in the USA. The contract only concerned business cooperation in the USA, not affecting in any way the ongoing trademark disputes in other countries. Following a change in the owner (taking over by the InBev group) in 2008, the business concept of the company changed, resulting in the decline of interest in bringing imported brands in the USA (ABI obtained a wide brand portfolio of the original InBev group for North America).   

“Regrettably, our partner did not fundamentally meet the business targets that should have been achieved under the contract,” says B.B.N.P.'s area sales manager for North America Vlasta Kociánová. In 2011, ABI met the sales target agreed upon in the contract only by 30%. “Having not accomplished the sales volume, the company seriously breached the contract, which in January 2012 resulted in our decision to terminate our partnership with ABI. This week, the six-month notice period elapses and as of 7th July, the distribution of Czechvar in the USA will be taken over by our new importer,” adds Vlasta Kociánová.  

The company “United States Beverage” (hereinafter referred to as USB) will become the new importer. Based in Stamford, Connecticut the company focuses on the import and marketing of super-premium and so-called “craft beer“ brands in the USA. “A team of top professionals work in USB. We anticipate selling around 9,000 hectolitres of Czechvar in the USA next year. We believe that our sales will dynamically increase in the forthcoming years as well,” concludes Vlasta Kociánová.

USB has a strong distribution network throughout the USA, offering an extensive portfolio of super-premium brands from the whole world: Murphy’s Stout and Red Ale from Ireland, Tiger Beer from Singapore, several brands of The Grupo Damm from Spain (Estrella Damm Lager, INEDIT, Daura), Tona Cerveza from Nicaragua, Kalik from the Bahamas, Brasseurs de Gayant from France or Spanish specialties of Black Dog Ale. More information on USB can be found at www.unitedstatesbeverage.com.


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