B.B.N.P. is extending the export to the USA by its dark lager | 17.12.2012

B.B.N.P. Brewery has significantly extended its range of beer exported to the USA by the dark lager. The first consignment containing a total of 300 hectolitres of bottles is going to arrive at the ports of New Jersey and Oakland at around Christmas.

The dark lager with the brand name of Czechvar will appear on shop counters and in selected restaurants on both the east and west coasts of the USA from January 2013. Extending the portfolio should be instrumental in the further increase of sale of the beer from B.B.N.P. on one of the most demanding beer markets in the world.

České Budějovice, 22nd November 2012 – B.B.N.P. Brewery is sending the historically first consignment of its dark lager Czechvar to the USA.

The first consignment consists of three containers with a total of 93,312 bottles (307.8 hectolitres). The 0.33 litre bottles will come out on the American shop counters in a multipack of 6 pieces (so-called “basket“). Such a type of packaging is not common in the Czech Republic; however, North American customers prefer it, being completely standard packaging. The transport of dark Czechvar via truck, train and ship to the ports of New Jersey and Oakland will take four to six weeks. It will appear on selected American shop counters and in restaurants at the beginning of January 2013.

"Our business activities in the USA benefit from the extraordinary interest and activities of our new importer, which has decided to enrich the imported range of products by the original dark lager from the Czech Republic within a relatively short time from the beginning of our mutual cooperation.

The customers who are already familiar with pale Czechvar will have the chance to try its dark version," says B.B.N.P.’s business manager for North America, Vlasta Kociánová. B.B.N.P.’s new importer to the USA - the United States Beverage company (hereinafter referred to as “USB”) – has cooperated with the brewery only since July 2012. So far, the USB has been offering just Czechvar Pale Lager in bottles and kegs to customers.

Having now extended the portfolio we expect to increase the awareness of the Czechvar brand as well as obtaining new distribution places and subsequently also a total increase of sales.

Provided that the sales work well, we would like to launch the export of dark Czechvar in kegs next year," adds Ms Kociánová. At the first stage, dark Czechvar is going to be supplied predominantly to the conurbations on the east and west coasts of the USA. The USB sees a considerable business potential also in areas where a higher amount of Americans with Czech roots live, who could be attracted to the name of the brand itself as well as to the fact that the beer is brewed right in the Czech Republic.

About Czechvar Dark Lager

Czechvar Dark Lager was launched on the market in 2004. It is brewed using four types of barley (Czech, Munich, caramel and roasted) and whole heads of Saaz hops.

Characterised by a distinctly dark colour, dry and mildly bitter caramel flavour not dominated by sweetness and a delicate aroma of roasted malt and coffee, it has an alcohol content of 4.7% vol. Besides the Czech Republic, this dark lager is sold in more than 20 other countries, such as Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and Finland.

Last year’s sales of this beer reached a volume of 28,000 hectolitres, which is a year-on-year increase of 20%. The dark lager received the “Dark Beer of the 2012” title in the Beer Friend Association’s contest. Furthermore, it has been granted numerous international awards, the most important of which are two gold medals in the Monde Selection competition (2010 and 2011), nonetheless the most prestigious being the “World’s Best Lager” title awarded by the British beer magazine “Beers of the World” in 2007.


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