Premium Czech Lager

Ingredients and Care

We use only top quality ingredients to produce our beer, and each is equally important for its unique taste.


Our own cultivated yeast culture (Saccharomyces cerevisiae subsp. uvarum), matured under the careful supervision of our brewers, yields the key component of our beer’s delicious taste.


Pure virgin spring water, which has waited almost 10,000 years to be freed from our 300-meter deep wells, lends our beer the unmistakable delicious taste that you enjoy every time you drink.


Female cones of top quality Saaz hops (Humulus lupulus) make our beer truly exceptional, giving it its unmistakable, highly valued, gentle hop character.


The grain of a unique variety of Moravian barley (Hordeum vulgaris), which we carefully select each year from first-class crops, gives our beer its inimitable golden hue.


We place great emphasis on our premium original lager on our beer’s maturing (“lagering”) – at least 90 days.


The result of our careful selection of ingredients, our traditional brewing process and the care we take during production is Czechvar’s irreplaceable and inimitable flavour.

Even though there is nothing that can replace the direct sensory experience, let us try to describe the flavour of Czechvar beer. The first impression you get is a pleasurable and delightfully hoppy aroma. The delicate and yet rich malt flavour causes our beer, from even the first sip, to glide smoothly down your throat - maybe even too smoothly. it leaves a fine, pleasantly bitter taste that disappears so slowly… that you are already beginning to look forward to another perfectly flavour-balanced sip.

That’s why with Czechvar beer, you can rarely only do with one glass.

Czechvar Beer Awards

Awards 2001 - Two Gold Medals - Portugal - The 40th World Quality Selections Competition

Each new success is a pleasure, and lager beer produced by B.B.N.P. brewery may be proud of successes achieved throughout its existence. The first award was granted to it by a professional jury of the Prague Industrial Exhibition, i.e., as soon as one year after its formation. Since then, new trophies have been pouring continuously into its fictitious Hall of Fame.

Some of Czechvar beer awards

Gold Medal - Stuttgart - Alimentary Exhibition
Gold Medal - Wels - International Trade Fair
Two Gold Medals - Portugal - The 40th World Quality Selections Competition
Beer of the Year - Prague - Beer of the Year Competition
Grand Gold - Wiesbaden - Monde Selection Quality Award

Available packaging


Premium Lager in nonreturnable 0.33l bottles.

Supplied in the following variations:

  • 6-packs in carton crates of 24 bottles.

Premium Lager in non-returnable 0.5l bottles.

Supplied as individual bottles in carton crates of 20 bottles

Premium Lager in cans. (0.5l)

Supplied as individual cans in trays of 24 cans (Canada only)

Premium Lager

  • returnable 30l KEGs
  • non-returnable 30l KeyKegs (Only in Brazil)

Premium Dark Lager

Supplied in the following variations:
  • 6-packs in carton crates of 24 bottles (Only in USA)
  • non-returnable 30l KeyKegs (Only in Brazil)


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